about the film

A film by Dorothée Menzner and Ralph T. Niemeyer
Camera: Sami Atwa
Production Assistant: Yuko Keller
Music: Henri Seroka

One year after the disaster of Fukushima victims have their say.
While the young anti-nuclear movement in Japan gradually moves to the streets, to lead the nuclear madness to an end, government and nuclear industry corporations try to push back the so called safety of the nuclear plague in people's minds.

Dorothée Menzner, Member of the German Parliament - Bundestag -, and Ralph T. Niemeyer, independent journalist, went to Japan one year after the nuclear disaster, to speak with victims, with scientists, but also to speak with survivors of the U.S. atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Two weeks of meeting people, who became victims because of pure greed, and the camaraderie of policy and nuclear lobby. Two weeks talking to people, that fight against nuclear power and with experts, that do not mince their words, when identifying the cause and the culprits of the nuclear disaster. An approach to a country, that with Hiroshima and Nagasaki as no other has suffered from nuclear disasters, yet does not want to stay away from the use of nuclear energy. Japanese nuclear power plants – redundant for power supply, necessary for the option of building an atomic bomb. Japan one year after Fukushima. The nuclear capitalism rears up.